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Sunday School

Jayne Evans – Preschool

Jayne grew up at Harris Chapel and have been involved in various ministries here throughout the years. She recognizes that preschool children absorb everything they see and hear, and that the seeds planted today continue to grow throughout their lives. Jayne shares that working with preschool children also causes her to reflect on Matthew 18:3 which states “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Maralee Clayton – Kindergarten & 1st Grade

What does Maralee cherish most about being a Sunday school teacher of such young children? She describes the joy she feels when past students publically commit to follow the Lord and are baptized in church service. “Just to see their faith and how they have grown in their faith is exciting. Even though these children are no longer in my class, I feel part of that experience. It’s like seeing a planted seed come to fruition!”

Janet Davis – 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade

What does Janet value most about teaching 7-9 year olds? “Planting seeds and reaching all of the little children.” Janet wants to be sure she is doing what the Lord expects of her in this position and is constantly challenging herself to improve her technique to teach and to inspire her class to learn and memorize scripture. Janet is so passionate that children should be in Sunday school that she and Rick often pick up and bring their grandchildren to church when their parents are unable to attend.

Jill Harris – 5th & 6th grade

Jill says that the opportunity to lead children to the Lord is what she adores most about being a Sunday school teacher. She feels a special bond with all of her past and present students, and notes that this age is a transitional time in their lives. “It is my goal to make Disciples of my students and it is my dream to have more families with young children here at Harris Chapel.”